Mid day meal Scheme Outline:

The school mid-day-meal program is a national initiative that is funded both by the central and state government. Hot, nutritious meals are provided to all school children   enrolled in government and government aided schools either engaging cooks in the respective schools or by giving contracts to NGOs.

Payments made by the central and state governments. The NGOs who volunteer to take up this cooking contract are also eligible to several other exemptions, concessions and facilities. There are hundreds of NGO contractors engaged under this scheme and Akshaya Patra is the one of the biggest contractor in the country.

It would be good if all the potential donors, supporters and independent investigators of the mid day meal program or Akshaya Patra look into these resources in the internet.


Note: There are several other resources in the Internet giving details of the government sponsored mid day meal program. It would also be relevant to see the press briefings, media coverage on the topic of mid day meal. IT would be good to take a look at the working performance, costings and financial postings of other leading mid  day meal supplying contractors.